Blog Post #20: Mrs Tanner

Hi everyone, hope lockdown is going well for you. It has been strange for me. I have been stuck home since the beginning and have tried to adjust to this new way of being. Whenever I am not working and staying in touch with you on Google Classroom, I am trying to keep myself busy at home. My kids have

Blog Post #19: Mr Barry (Part 3)

I hope everyone had a great half term break. We were very lucky to have fantastic weather for the week, which was perfect for sport and building projects! We have finally finished our garden project with a new gate and bin store. Then a trip to the beach for the sea and some football training. Looking forward to seeing some

Blog Post #18: Mr Johnson

Hi everyone, hope we are all coping in these strange times. Like many, as soon as lockdown started I decided I was going to work on improving my fitness. I started off walking around my local area, then picked it up to a bit of light cycling before attempting a bit of jogging. 8 weeks later and there has been

Blog Post #17: Mrs Hall

We have had a small tub of water for birds in our garden for a few years now and every year we had a frog sitting in it so we decided to build it a wildlife pond. We dug the hole and lined it with pond liner, filled it with water and added a stones. We were also very lucky

Blog Post #16: Mrs Dando (& Crumble)

Mrs Dando’s dog Crumble has very kindly provided today’s lockdown blog! Click through the images below to read Crumble’s story. My name is Crumble. I live with Mrs Dando. This is her working from home. I love footballs. I love eating footballs. I love tennis balls. I love frisbees. I love all my footballs. But I’m not very good in

Blog Post #15: Mr Barry (Part 2)

Through the lockdown my garden project has been a great way to get outside and enjoy the sunshine in the absence of sports. After digging our trench it was time to plant some new hedging and patio! We have now started using some decking donated by Mrs Adams to start building our raised beds and vegetable planters! Mr Barry

Blog Post #14: Mrs Stewart

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all well and staying safe at home. It’s such a strange and unique time and I hope you are finding ways to enjoy it. It’s been great to see how well you’ve approached home learning and I have enjoyed seeing returned work! I am home-schooling my four year old and it’s been interesting and challenging

Blog Post #13: Mr Armstrong

During lockdown, just like many of us, I wanted to undertake a new challenge. I have replaced golf with running and cycling. I recently completed the ‘Couch to 5K challenge’ and can now run 5km comfortably. For anyone who is thinking of taking up running but needs a little bit of encouragement, I would definitely recommend this. A great use

Blog Post #12: Mrs Cave

Working from home is strange for me, I am not used to sitting for so long each day at the laptop. I have enjoyed marking your work and sending you messages but I miss seeing and speaking to you all. I must admit one advantage of being at home is that I am spending much more time with my sons

Blog Post #11: Mrs Alderson

Due to the lockdown, I have been ‘seeing’ even more of my family than I normally would (thanks Houseparty!) and we have been setting weekly challenges, ranging from baking to portrait painting. Last week’s challenge was to create a miniature garden. Mrs Alderson