Blog Post #13: Mr Armstrong

During lockdown, just like many of us, I wanted to undertake a new challenge. I have replaced golf with running and cycling. I recently completed the ‘Couch to 5K challenge’ and can now run 5km comfortably. For anyone who is thinking of taking up running but needs a little bit of encouragement, I would definitely recommend this. A great use of our daily exercise allowance! Take a look:

I have also been improving my cooking skills. I have made many dishes including: lasagne, chicken pie as well as my favourite cheese scones. Do you have any recipes that I should try?

I have also been using the Duolingo app daily to brush up on my Spanish and Catalan. Finally, I got my first alert as an NHS volunteer and was able to deliver much-needed medication for someone who was self-isolating.

During this uncertain time, it is essential that we remain positive and stay safe.

Mr Armstrong