Blog Post #18: Mr Johnson

Hi everyone, hope we are all coping in these strange times. Like many, as soon as lockdown started I decided I was going to work on improving my fitness. I started off walking around my local area, then picked it up to a bit of light cycling before attempting a bit of jogging. 8 weeks later and there has been a big difference, I am now running 10km every other day as well as exploring my local area on my bike, discovering places I never knew existed.

This weekend the sun was shining and decided to go for a long ride out to the coast. As many people know I live in Cumbria, so the ride was very scenic with the high peaks of the Lake District to my south making the cycle even more enjoyable. However, that soon changed…as you can see from the picture by the time we arrived at the coast, the weather had turned for the worse, with High winds and rains hitting us hard. My waterproof jacket proving to not be as waterproof as it once was. But apart from soggy sandwiches and very cold hands it was a lovely day proving that even in these strange times, we can still have fun and do what we enjoy.

Take care,

Mr Johnson