Blog Post #20: Mrs Tanner

Hi everyone, hope lockdown is going well for you. It has been strange for me. I have been stuck home since the beginning and have tried to adjust to this new way of being. Whenever I am not working and staying in touch with you on Google Classroom, I am trying to keep myself busy at home.

My kids have roped my husband and I to learn all sorts of new dance routines and moves, we try and do this at least once a week, but I have to say I am currently two weeks behind. But it is a laugh and we do have a good giggle. We all take part. Even my 3 year old.

I have also been very keen to up-cycle old furniture – so there has been a lot of sanding and painting for me. Since we moved to our new house, weeks before lockdown, it has been a great time trying to do things that we would never have a chance to.

I have also enjoyed baking, my daughter was 9 so I tried to bake her a cake I used to eat as a child in Brasil. It is oh so yummy, that massive cake didn’t last a week in our house. We have attempted jigsaws too. 

Another thing I have done with the kids is some art. Its been fun, but very messy. We are now missing the sunshine. 

We all enjoyed getting dressed up for VE day, having an afternoon tea and singing old songs together.

Miss seeing all of you in school, and I miss being at school too. I hope you are all well and safe. Sending all my love. Mrs Tanner