Blog Post #4: Miss Lawton

Alongside planning some interesting projects in Art for all of you guys at HMS (details coming soon) I have been doing yoga, meditating and doing lots of painting. I’ve been painting forms in nature, like mosses and lichens. 

Then, I started making larger paintings using paints called ‘ocres’ which are made in the South of France. This pigment, I mix with egg yoke to make an egg tempera paint. It was nice to work on a large scale and mix all of the colours I wanted. I felt very happy doing these paintings. 

Finally, I’ve started growing some seeds, some peas, echinacea plants and a small fig tree (this I didn’t grow from a seed). It’s nice to watch things grow inside, as living in a flat means there is no outside space. I like to bring the outside indoors! 

I can’t wait to see all of your artworks this term. Good luck if you’re also keen to submit to the Royal Academy competition and ‘The Big Draw’ Climate of Change Festival! 

Stay safe and well. 


Miss Lawton