Blog Post #8: Mrs Bond

Hi everyone! I have been making the most of this glorious weather by spending as much time outside as I possibly can. I have been going for daily walks with my family and are thoroughly enjoying seeing lots of lovely surprises on the way, especially some extremely creative rainbows!

This bonus time at home has enabled me to spend lots more time with my family playing games; going for walks; cooking; baking together (and eating said baking) and most evenings we have movie night. However, I have discovered I am living with a very competitive bunch of males! To help keep us all active we have set up table tennis and pool which, of course, started out as a bit of fun but quickly turned very serious! My boys have resorted to watching professionals on YouTube to get hints and tips! They actually fight over who gets to play me as they know they can annihilate me very quickly – my hand-eye coordination isn’t what it used to be! 

I have also found time to dust down the electric piano and devastated at how rusty I am! My youngest son has also started playing so of course this has now turned competitive as we compete to see who can play the most correct notes throughout a piece of music!

I have also been busy spending hours on the phone catching up with lots of friends, family and colleagues on video chats and taking part in virtual quizzes and games. Great fun!

I have had to take an intensive barber course via several YouTube clips and with a little persuasion two out of three sons have allowed me to cut their hair! I think I shall stick to being a maths teacher!

Our pet tortoise is loving life during this lockdown period! He has never had so much attention and time to roam freely. He will definitely miss us all when we return to normal routine!

I have loved chatting with pupils on Google classroom and have found the way everybody has adapted to this challenge astounding! I am missing you all and can’t wait to be back in the classroom! Until then take care and stay safe everybody! 

Mrs Bond