Greetings Earthlings,

Last year, some of our year 7 and 8 pupils visited Calvert Kielder on a weekend residential and adventure trip.   Pupils learned about astronomy attending seminars led by scientists from the Dark Skies Project.  It was a fascinating trip exploring the observatory and taking part in daring outward bound activities.  We all got drenched!  Pupils even got the chance to stand on the moon (or a rock from the moon)!  

You may have taken part in the Big Bird Watch this weekend.  Why not look to the skies again, but this time, navigate it to find distant stars, solar systems and galaxies.

Go to the following link to download your family pack.  There is even a template to make a star-finder prop.  You will also see a recipe to make some star biscuits to go alongside a hot drink when gazing up at the night sky.

Free star count activity pack

Let us know how you get on with your night-time star-finding adventures and which stars you were able to see.