Online Festival of Literature

Hexham Middle School proudly presents an online Festival of Literature, in association with Bishop’s Stortford College, 2nd February 2021- 12th February 2021. 

This is an incredible opportunity for our students to join up to eight renowned children’s authors, as they share their stories and discuss what has inspired and motivated them as writers.  

All you need to do is click the link below each event at the time of the live event you want to join: 

Joseph Coelho 

Author of The Werewolf Club Rules Overheard in a Tower BlockThe Girl Who Turned Into a Tree and A Year of Nature Poems

Join Joseph online on Tuesday 2nd February 2021 at 2pm-3pm

Emily Hanna-Grazebrook 

Who has a rich background in folk tales, myths, ballads and poems, and a fascination with the ancient art of oral storytelling.  

Join Emily online on Thursday 4th February at 2pm-3pm

Matt Oldfield

Author of Johnny Ball: Accidental Football Genius and Unbelievable Football  

Join Matt online on Tuesday 9th February 2021 at 11.15

Anna McNuff 

Author of 100 Adventures To Have Before You Grow Up.  

Join Anna online on Tuesday 9th February 2pm -3pm

Anthony McGowan 

Author of HellbentHenry TumourThe Knife That Killed Me and the Bare Bum Gang.  

Join Anthony online on Tuesday 9th February 2021 at 2pm

Onjali Q. Raúf

Author of The Boy at The Back of The Class and The Star Outside My Window. 

Join Onjali online on Thursday 11th February 2021 at 11.15am

Kiran Millwood Hargrave

Author of The Girl of Ink & Stars, The Island at the End of Everything, The Way Past Winter, and The Deathless Girls

Join Kiran online on Friday 12th February 2021 at 11.15am

Tom Palmer

Author of Football AcademyFoul Play and Roy of the Rovers.  

Join Tom online on Friday 12th February 2021 at 11.15am

If you would like to share your thoughts about the events, authors and books, then please join the Festival of Literature class of google classrooms, using the class code: b2uxspr