HMS ‘Go Green’: Eco-friendly uniform recycling

At HMS, we want to promote greater recycling of school uniform items. To help us build our stocks, we are looking for your support. Please could you send any branded items i.e. HMS school jumpers, polo shirts, PE hoodies and t-shirts (we can’t accept trousers or non-branded items). 

Once we build up a stock, we will let you know how you can request uniform items (email or online form). We are also working with local charity, Rosie’s Corner, who will liaise with us directly if families would prefer to contact them with uniform requests. Rosie’s Corner provide an amazing local service with pre-used baby and children’s clothing, shoes, generic uniform items and equipment being provided to families in our community. They no longer have space for a stock of branded uniform, which is where we hope to help. 

  • Please could you send in any branded items you have in a bag. 
  • Your child could drop them off at the HMS office (in Fellside Building) or you could drop the bag at the main office (in Hydro) if you are passing. 

We will send launch details home once we build up our stocks. Thank you all so much for your support!