Supporting reading for all at HMS

We are delighted to announce that over 60 dyslexia-friendly books are now on the shelves in HMS Library. These new books are in a super-readable format and include the following features: 

  • A unique, dyslexia-friendly font to make reading easier.
  • Accessible layouts and spacing to stop the page from becoming overcrowded.
  • Off-white, heavier paper to help reduce visual stress.
  • Shorter books and chapters to help build confidence and stamina.

There is a range of content to appeal to varying ages. Many titles are by award-winning authors across all genres. Engaging illustrations also aid comprehension. The books are available to everyone and particularly to those pupils who might find the layout and design easier to read. Please ask your teacher or librarian if you need more information. 

Heartfelt thanks go to our wonderful HMS PTA who agreed to fund this initiative.