Creative Writing with Helen Comerford

‘Write Your Own Superhero’: character creation workshop with Helen Comerford
Real-life superhero author Helen Comerford visited HMS this week to deliver a writing workshop to a lucky group of Y8s. She also read from her first novel ‘The Love Interest’.
Helen focused on creating compelling characters: how to build a superhero, give them a backstory, vulnerabilities, feelings, secrets, motives and, of course, special powers. She also considered their counterpoint, the villain. She said, ‘The best villains have an understandable motive. Really good villains mirror the protagonist.’
Helen answered some technical questions from the Y8 group, such as ‘How do you deal with the gaps between plot points?’
We were really proud of the pupils’ enthusiasm and engagement with Helen’s brilliant workshop.
Huge thanks to Helen Comerford and the wonderful team at Forum Books in Corbridge for making her visit possible.