Weekly Creative Challenge – Music

This weeks Creative Challenge is around Music. We would like you to create a RAP song or a piece of poetry.

The word RAP means Rhythm and Poetry

Listen to Another One Bites the Dust, or We will Rock You by QUEEN

Here are a couple of RAP-style verses to start you off:

Captain Tom, was the one

Who made us smile in May

Raised millions for the NHS

To help, keep Covid 19 at bay


Did Boris get his timings wrong?

Should Lockdown have been longer?

The virus has a variant

This time it seems much stronger!


Change or add your own verses and get the family involved.

Please ask a Parent or Carers permission to check out any RAP music on YouTube!

Send your ideas to Mr Holdsworth via Google Classroom or via our admin email: admin@hexhammiddle.org.uk

Image credit: Tshirt Superstar – Music, https://www.tshirtsuperstar.com/collections/music-tshirts-online